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Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot…

A very warm welcome to the November issue of Inside RH magazine. Lots of people find November a bit of a depressing month, but we’re all over it here at Inside RH! No sooner have the fireworks faded away then we’re gearing up for Christmas – Black Friday is on the 26th and we’re aiming to get all our shopping done in one hit! But in the meantime, we’re thinking about getting ready for winter: in the garden, around the house and definitely in the car. Lots of you will have a similar agenda, maybe checking the heating, replacing guttering, or perhaps fitting new wiper blades, topping up the anti-freeze and making sure your tyres are up to the job. Some of you might be planning a bigger job. New kitchen. Double glazing. Extension even?

Whatever the job, have a look through Inside RH magazine and find the help you need. We’re packed full of tried and trusted local trades and businesses just waiting for your call. So whether you’re planning the biggest job you’ve ever tackled, or just looking for some new tyres, get in touch. Don’t forget to tell them you found their details in Inside RH magazine.

Finally – why not enter our Prize Crossword? With Christmas on the cards everyone could do with a little spare cash, so the £100 prize is worth getting. The sender of the first correct entry of all those received will scoop the money.

Have a great November. Best wishes

Mike Farrer